A sports commentator is a person who narrates the events of the games or sports. The sport can be cricket, football, hockey, and various other games or sports. But, as nowadays in India. Cricket is the most popular sport so the scope of a cricket commentator is large compared to other sports. But, if you are interested you can choose any sports you are passionate about.

Top 10 cricket commentators of the world. Image source: Yahoo Cricket

The main function of a sports commentator is to describe vividly the events of sports life. He is expected to depict to the audience what is going on in the playground. Also, talking with the players, taking their interviews and comments, getting feedback to better the games are also the job of a commentator.
It is a very much rewarding, lucrative, and interesting career option.


No specific course or not any particular Institute is there for training to become a sports commentator.
Still, some preparations can be helpful like:

  • A bachelor’s or Master’s degree in broadcasting, communications, or journalism is required. A course in sports journalism or an experience of anchoring and radio jockeying may help in pursuing the profession successfully.
  • The ability to speak fluently is the most important skill which is required.
  • Flawless writing skill is also important as well as fluency in Spoken English.
  • A good and clear voice, a candid attitude, a pleasant personality help a commentator to attract the audience. A speech and voice training is very helpful.
  • Love and interest in sports are very important.
  • A sports commentator has to remember the statistics of the games and also the biodata and records of the players, so that he can make his /her commentary interesting and attractive to the audience by these inputs.
The names that called the games: best commentators. Image source: batfast.com


  • Fresher: 5000/ – 1000/ per day
  • Experienced: 25000/ per day. Salary depends on the quality and fame of the commentator. TV commentators are paid more than the radio commentator.

Starting Point:

  • The candidate must start as an intern. They can gather experience by working with sports franchises, sports organizations, broadcasting companies, and news channels. Such an internship also provides the experience to work with high-profile professionals. Which in turn helps to upgrade their qualities. Starting a career as a sports reporter may also help.
  • If you are a sports person, then this is a suitable career for you. You have to have the personality to make the viewers excited about the game and make them believe that they are witnessing the game live. Confidence and the ability to improvise are also very important.
  • The working environment is very good – well lit, air-conditioned studios – tight work schedules – both physically and mentally stressful – traveling involved – can be widely known by the audience – can achieve celebrity status – recognition is there. Live on TV, so zero margins for any error. Cutthroat competition is there, even with the athletes as they have first-hand experience of the game and popularity among the audience.
  • It gives the opportunity of doing what you love, for a living.

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