After the Board exams, the students have to choose the career path for themselves. But, if you are not at all interested to do the stereotypes – doctor, engineer, or teacher, this article is for you.

dreaming different
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You possess the thrive to become an unconventional professional. Here, you will get the information to build an off-beat yet lucrative career. That at the same time will strengthen your financial base while giving you the enjoyment of doing something interesting. Here is the array of opportunities waiting for you.

1. Radio Jockey

If you have the ability to talk about anything under the sun and have an interest in various current topics be it social, political, or entertainment – then the radio industry is the platform for you. A radio jockey has responsibilities that include programming, scripting, and presenting the radio shows.

2. Cricket Commentator

If you are passionate about cricket, then being a commentator is a lucrative job opportunity for you. That at the same time is a high-paid job and gives you a chance to meet your favorite cricket stars.

3. Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker legally hacks to protect the interest of a company or even the government. You need technical knowledge and skills to protect the data of the company.

4. Wedding Planner

Planning the wedding in accordance with the requirement, tastes, and budget of the client is all required to be a successful wedding planner. If you have the imagination and sense of interior decoration, then this is the perfect avenue for you.

5. Voice Over Artist

If you have a nice voice and love to do modulation, then you can check out the opportunities of a voice artist. Besides TV shows (commercials, serials), railway stations, radio programs also we get to hear the voice of artists.

6. Political Campaign Manager

It’s an extremely critical, dynamic, and interesting field to work in. A Political Campaign Manager provides services like consultation, marketing, fundraising, crisis management, and public relations. Interest in national as well international politics is the key to adapting to this challenging career. A Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in political science and campaign management is a requisite. You also have to have good communication skills and Spoken English skills.

7. Photography

If you have an interest in photography, then it’s a good career option for you. You need a diploma or a course to know about the technicalities. You can choose to freelance or can work for a firm on a payroll. You can specialize also in weddings, underwater, forensic, wildlife, still photos, travel, investigative/journalism based, movies, and documentaries according to your preference.

8. Pet Groomers

It’s an interesting career if you have a love for pets. The pet lovers, who love to care for the health and hygiene of the pets, are looking for an integrated solution for their pets. Some veterinary knowledge may also help in case of medical ailments.

9. Food Taster/Tea taster/Chocolate Taster

If you are a foodie, then utilize your enjoyment and make it a career.  Food taster is an upcoming opportunity as food industries are growing fast. Job as a Tea Taster as well demands the same. And if you have a sweet tooth, then go and grab the career of a Chocolate Taster. Would it not be fun!!!

10. Puppetry

Puppetry has become popular nowadays again. Not only at birthday parties, but in schools also it’s been used as a teaching medium. Also, puppets are used in social awareness workshops to spread messages in an attractive manner to the mass. Puppet shows are also regaining popularities in theatre. So, if you are interested in this subject, go for it.

All the mentioned jobs are quite lucrative on the payroll. There are various institutes in India, offering courses regarding these. So, break the stereotypes and choose a career path following your mind. We, The Knowledge Foundation are always with you to guide you. Follow us! we will give you details of each career option in upcoming posts. Till then, start dreaming differently and enjoy life.

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