Hacking is to gain unauthorized access to any computer system. Hacking done without permission is illegal, whereas hacking done with permission is called ethical hacking. It is done to check the vulnerabilities in one’s computer system and in effect to fix it. Software companies hire ethical hackers to check their systems. Hackers help them to take precautionary measures by identifying the weak endpoints. To put it another way, ethical hackers are hired by companies to combat the potential threat from unethical hackers.

Ethical hacking is one of the top jobs
Ethical hacking is one of the top jobs. Image source: Betanews

Eligibility to become Ethical Hacker:

a bachelor’s degree (BSc, B Tech, BE, BCA) in information technology or computer science. An advanced diploma in network security is helpful. A certification from a reputed Institute enhances the chances of getting hired by big IT companies.


Institute name and courses offered

  1. DOEACC/ NIELIT, Calicut – PG diploma in information security and system administration.
    2.Reliance World outlets – Ankit Fadia certified ethical hacker course.
  2. Institute of Information Security- CISSP training certified professional forensics consultant. Certified information security consultant. Certified professional hacker.
  3. University of Madras – MSc in cyber forensics and information security
  4. International Institute of Information Technology – Mtech in Computer Science and information security.
  5. SRM University- Mtech in information security and computer forensic
  6. Kalasalingam University – Mtech in information Assurance and security.


4.8 lacs per annum. higher qualification and work experience can earn more, that is 15 to 30 lacs per annum.

Ethical hacking as a career has promising aspects. Everything becoming increasingly cyber-based has also enhanced the chances of cybercrime. The potential threat from hackers has forced most renowned companies, Financial Institutions, and government organizations to recruit ethical hackers. They check the vulnerabilities and possible security leaks in the system and provide countermeasures to protect the concerned system.
Ethical hacking is legitimate. Alternatively known as penetration testing. Ethical hackers hack into systems to avoid the possibilities of data theft, cyberwarfare, identity theft, and other Cybercrimes. Ethical hackers are an essential element of IT security. Cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive by the day. So the organizations are also in dire need of ethical hackers to protect their systems. IT companies are the main recruiters but it is not limited to the IT sector. Retail chains, Airlines, BFSI Industries, hospitality chains, and several other industries also recruit ethical hackers to make the system impenetrable and to keep the data safe. One can also start their own business to provide ethical hacking training and services. Government Agencies such as law enforcement agencies, military, defense organizations, forensic science Laboratories, detective companies, investigative services also recruit ethical hackers. Some highly skilled ethical hackers also work with investigation Agencies like CBI, NIA, etc. Large banks and jewelry stores often hire professional hackers to check loopholes in the system and to prevent robberies. Ethical hacking is a very exciting and challenging profession. Not just a simple degree but specialized training is necessary to succeed in this field.

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