The whole world is celebrating the existence of women on this earth, saluting them, praising them. Ours is a patriarchal society, women are oppressed in society in most cases. That needs to be changed. As we know the socioeconomic structure, culture, and many more aspects are there which need to be addressed for the betterment of women. But the most important aspect which needs to be changed is the mindset. The way most men see women has to be changed we all know. But, today I want to address what as women we can do for the upliftment of our position in society. Economic independence is the most important aspect to be free, but not the only one.

Kamla Bhasin on women empowerment
Kamla Bhasin on women empowerment. Image source: Women’s web

The Major Change is the sum of Small Changes

Being a woman, respecting other women is also very important. As women, we have the responsibility to raise our children in an environment where he/she will learn to respect women. Where my daughter will think of herself as a human being first, and a woman after that. Where she will not be interested to take any advantage of being a woman. Where my son will see a woman not as a commodity, not as an apparatus of satisfaction of male ego, not as a second class citizen, but just another human being. I myself as a woman should not criticize or indulge in gossip regarding another woman’s dress-up, or lifestyle, or attitude. I should respect her decision of being single, or being childless by choice, or her decision to live her life on her own terms – be it very different from my ideas. I should stand by a rape victim without analyzing her attire, or attitude, or lifestyle. It’s my duty as a woman to give respect to other women.

women’s day special. Image source: Dawn

To raise a voice against women’s oppression. There are lots of men who respect women and lots of women also who make other women’s lives miserable. So, it’s not about gender…. We as human beings have to respect others. We need to respect other’s opinions. It’s not about celebrating women’s day, or men’s day…. Let’s celebrate humanity.

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